Sorry Safari Touring Society
A Gathering of MG Enthusiasts
There is always something fun to do with Sorry Safari Touring Society!  This list is a brief reminder of upcoming events.  Full details can be found in our club newsletter,
"The Wind Machine."  Don't have the newsletter?  Join the club!
  1. 15
    Sierra Tour 2017
    There's gold in them thar hills! Check The Wind Machine for details. The special room rate expires September 6th, so book now! For more info contact Kirk Prentiss.
    October 6th - 8th
  2. 14
    MGOC Pebble Beach Tour
    This is a two day event coordinated by Steve & Vicky Kellogg. Go to for more details.
    September 30th - October 1st
  3. 16
    Chabot Space & Science Center Tour
    This event is coordinated by Geralds & Ribina Caufield. Details in The WInd Machine.
    November 4th
  4. 17
    Annual Holiday Party
    Details soon!